ChangeNerd Accelerator

An intensive 3-week online workshop designed to help practitioners turn change management into a business capability for sustainable value

A 3-Week Part-Time Program for Busy Change Management Professionals

The ChangeNerd Accelerator is a practical online workshop designed to equip professionals to scale change management from project-based execution to an enterprise business capability.

This program will provide you with the comprehensive frameworks, topics and toolkit to build your team's credibility, influence and confidence to move change management to the most strategic levels of your organization.

By the end of the program, you will accelerate change in your company and career by creating a prioritized list of strategies, building your enterprise business readiness model, setting up an organizational scorecard, and much more.

The program is designed for both internal professionals and external consultants, features dozens of up-to-date and relevant examples, and change practitioners can participate from anywhere in the world. The next cohort will run from September 9th - September 27th.

For teams who are experiencing any of the following:

Looking to network with other companies in their regional area to share best practices

Transactional - as opposed to strategic 

Operating in isolation

Lack of team cohesion or overall underperformance

Poor reputation within the business

Who Should Attend

  • Change Management Teams

  • Project Management Teams

  • Operational Excellence Teams

  • Organizational Effectiveness Teams

  • HR & Employee Experience Teams

  • Business Transformation Teams

  • Information Technology Teams

The Accelerator Delivers Outcomes, Not Concepts

The Accelerator is designed to help practitioners apply the core elements of enterprise business readiness  and develop winning strategies specific to your current and future companies and roles. 

Throughout the program, you will:

Understand exactly how enteprise business readiness improves organizational results

Know how to apply a research-based enterprise business readiness  methodology and toolkit to project-level, portfolio-level and enterprise-wide change initiatives

Develop an enteprise business readiness strategy for your organization, communicate it to your team and execute against it

Enhance your relationship with peer organizations and leverage best practices

Properly define, measure and analyze your organization's systems and processes

Systematically determine and deploy methods to enhance your project-based workforce strategy

Build information exchange loops to help critical teams prioritize and execute high leverage work

What can I expect?

Over the 3 weeks there will be a total of 10 projects, three due per week, with a larger, final project at the end of the workshop.  On those days you'll also have group meetings for brainstorms and discussion, and / or co-create with your internal team.  Some projects are individual, others with a group.

Most of our practitioners have full-time jobs or busy consulting schedules.  We've created an intensive timeline that is designed to stretch your thinking and abilities.  But it will still be manageable given your real-life responsibilities and you'll be surrounded by a global community that is truly passionate about creating meaningful organizational change. 

To get the most out of the program, you should expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on program materials:

  • 1-2 hrs on course material

  • 1 hr applying frameworks and community participation

  • 2 hrs participating in an online event.

Program Outline

The next cohort will run from September 9th - September 27th.  We've designed the ChangeNerd Accelerator so you can set your own schedule to work through the material week after week.  Here's what a typical week will look like:

  • New material released: Every week you will get access to a new module, which features original, in-depth ChangeNerd content, dozens of relevant examples, and opportunities to apply lessons to your own company

  • Questions about the content: Get answers at any time.  In addition to the online events, you have 24-7 access to the ChangeNerd Community, where other practitioners and leaders can share perspectives and help you get unstuck.

  • Weekly events for all participants: When you attend online, you will discuss the content with your fellow participants on how to apply the material in real-world scenarios.  



Executive Alignment ​+ Execution drives business outcomes - not the other way around.  You have to engage the right people and deliver, if not, all other efforts will crash.

  • How to properly achieve executive alignment and manage organizational politics year-over year

  • The 3 ways to build a team and how to develop top talent

  • How to build a change management process and integrate it with project management or other areas of the business

  • How to build an information exchange framework that gives your team credibility to advise throughout the enterprise

  • The strategies behind showing quick-wins to the business and sustaining engagement with your team



It's impossible to hire a consultant for every project or program.  If you want to support

tens or hundreds of projects a year with no stress, you have to build a change machine​.

  • How to quickly launch small teams and assess the skills you need

  • How to systematically manage resource request for small, medium and large-scale efforts 

  • How to select the right vendors and manage relationships

  • Strategies to integrate the change management competency within other business teams and support functions

  • How to continuously up-skill your team to take on increased responsibility



Organizations were built to be productive and efficient, not agile.  To make large-scale changes sustainable, you have to focus on the strategic alignment of the core areas of the organization.

  • How to assess the alignment of  your organization's core areas to drive business readiness

  • How to proactively build a workforce and learning plan to mitigate business risk

  • How to develop leadership and culture plans to support your organization's strategy

  • How to assess opportunities for technology and process automation to drive operational efficiency

  • How to create networks, processes, roles and structures that build lateral relationships and cooperation

Course Materials

  • Program workbook and assessment

  • A one-year recurring subscription to the ChangeNerd Practitioner Toolkit

Yamini Sharma, Director, Change Management

This Accelerator only makes sense if we want to remain competitive and add value to the business.

Anu Sadhu

Manager, HRIS Adoption

I reached out to the ChangeNerd Community  and someone quickly provided the questions I needed for a technology implementation.

Brad Tandet

Director, Change Management / Training

I would seriously recommend this program for any team that wants to make a real difference for the organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program be worth it?

Good question - we know the ChangeNerd Accelerator is a serious commitment.  So if you're looking for the latest hacks to 10x your transformation efforts, then the Accelerator won't be worth it.

Also, if you're interested in a credential or logo to tack onto your LinkedIn profile, then the Accelerator won't be worth it. 

However, if you're looking for frameworks you can apply directly to your company, step-by step walkthroughs of dozens of current, relevant examples and events where you can connect with actual practitioners...then yes, the Accelerator is worth the commitment.

How advanced is the material?

This program is not a fit for beginners.  The program is focused on practitioners who already know the basics and are figuring out how to take the next step.  The content will be intermediate to advanced.  We assume that you know about traditional change management, business strategy, basic HR concepts, basic measurement concepts.

How much time should I expect to spend on the program?

On average, you can expect to spend 5 hours a week but may want to spend additional time working with your internal team.

How many people from my organization should attend?

It's recommended for practitioners from different areas of business to attend the program.  Knowledge from multiple areas of business will help you craft the most effective enterprise business readiness strategy.

How much does the program cost?  Do you have discounts?

The program cost $3500 and includes up to 3 seats per organization. 

Will I be able to expense this to my company?

In case this is helpful, many of our participants are able to expense the program to their company.  Every company has a different policy regarding their education budget.  

Is the online workshop accredited?

Proudly, no.  The online workshop is an action-oriented learning experience that is not tested.  

We'll be delighted to offer you a certificate of completion when the workshop is successfully completed.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We guarantee that the technology we provide will work for you, and that the workshop are as described.  If you have a problem, please let us know and we'll make it right.  If we can't, we'll offer you a full refund.

Once the first lesson in a workshop goes live, no refunds are possible, but we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of well-laid plans.  If you find yourself unable to continue, contact us and we can discuss a deferment to a future session.