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I'm Brian Hampton, Founder/CEO of ChangeNerd, former Deloitte and Change Management advisor for Walgreens, Department of Defense, Performance Food Group and other leading companies.  We built the Accelerator program for growth oriented teams that desire to scale agility to the highest strategic areas within their organizations.  

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The ChangeNerd Accelerator is a year-round learning experience on all the major topics in enterprise change management from people adoption strategies to enterprise business readiness.

By participating in the program, you will accelerate your organization's ability to change by creating a prioritized list of implementation strategies, building your quantitative growth model, setting up an

organizational scorecard and much more. 

The program is designed for both practitioners and cross-functional teams, features dozens of up-to-date and relevant examples, and practitioners will participate with other teams within their geographical area.

ChangeNerd Accelerator is a new kind of career development

Change Management and Project Management teams expect to work on the large-scale challenges of today.

But what happens when the nature of work changes faster than the toolkit.

Technology, methodologies and best practices are changing so fast, 50% of the Fortune 500 companies won't exist in 2025.  To keep up, companies expect top talent to adapt faster, acquire new skillsets, and have a growth mindset.  


And top talent...they want the same thing.


Today's teams want applicable skills that drive impact at the world's best companies. 


What make ChangeNerd Accelerator different.  We focus on :

  • Application over memorization:  You'll spend time applying every lesson directly to challenges in your company

  • Results over credentials: A curriculum designed to give you the tools to do the job, not a certificate that qualifies you for the job. 

  • Going deep rather than surface: The ChangeNerd Accelerator material is the culmination of years of experience at top companies from dozens of leaders in business transformation

All businesses are unique, but everyone faces similar organizational change challenges.  The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is how they approach those challenges.

What the Accelerator Experience Looks Like

We focus on delivering the highest amount of impact as efficiently as possible.  We know your time is valuable, so we've streamlined a program that cuts straight to the point with no *filler content*

When you join the Accelerator program you get access to:

1. Learning Experiences with Peer Practitioners: 

The Accelerator consist of (2) in-person full-day learning experiences and (1) online learning experience with topics relevant to your organization.  You'll connect with other practitioners in your local area.  All material is taught by Brian Hampton, PhD and other Business Transformation leaders from leading companies.  You will learn actionable frameworks to apply to your own organization and career. 

The coursework is comprised of original material exclusive to the ChangeNerd Accelerator.  Events will be recorded and available for you to watch at any time during the week and as reference material after the program for one year.

2. Dozens of Relevant Examples: To complement coursework, we weave in examples and case studies applying the frameworks from the material to recent companies.

3. Application Sections at Each Step: At ChangeNerd, we believe in application over memorization.  That means integrating your learning into your work at every opportunity.  Every learning experience is accompanied by application sections designed to operationalize the material on your organization.  You'll also hear from experienced practitioners in the ChangeNerd Community for additional ideas and learning. 

4. Community Support: We designed the Accelerator content to walk you through each framework step-by-step.  However, we know each business is different, so naturally you'll have specific questions.  That's why we created a community to help you get unstuck.  

The Accelerator Delivers Outcomes, Not Concepts

If you want a laundry list of tactics like "How to manage resistance or how to manage change saturation", the Accelerator program isn't for you.

The Accelerator is designed to help practitioners apply the core elements of enterprise business readiness and develop winning strategies to enable businesses to achieve strategic outcomes.

Throughout the program, you will:

  • Develop an enterprise business readiness strategy for your organization, communicate it your team and execute against it

  • Properly define, measure and analyze your organization's systems and processes

  • Systematically determine, measure, and analyze your workforce strategy

  • Build information exchange loops for critical teams to prioritize work 

  • Systematically deploy methods to improve business efficiency and effectiveness

  • Build intellectual property for your organization that will serve as a competitive advantage

Who Should Apply

You should apply if you have....

  • 3+ years of Experience - in human resources, change management, project management, operational excellence, organization development or other professional looking to accelerate your knowledge and growth

  • Change Related Role - Practitioners should attend the program if they have the support or influence to apply the learning to benefit their organization

  • Strong Initiative - The Accelerator includes both passive and active participation.  Those that not only consume the content but engage with it and the community will get the most value.

This program is not for you if you are...

  • Entry Level - Less than three years of professional experience.  The program material assumes a certain level of base knowledge

Program Outline


Business outcomes + implementation capabilities drive results - not the other way around.  You have to understand what the organization truly needs from your team to prioritize work and eliminate low-value efforts.

We'll discuss:

  • How to properly define an implementation strategy for your organization

  • How to systematically break down

  • The strategies behind moving the levers that will improve implementation efforts year over year

  • Examples from co

October 2019

Theme: Creating Organizational Agility

Format: In-person Event

Date: Friday, October 4

Location: WeWork, 1 W. Monroe St, Chicago

Event Timeline: Click here

March 2020

Theme: Emerging Enterprise Technologies

Format: In-person Event

Date: Friday, March 13

Location: WeWork, 1 W. Monroe St, Chicago

Event Timeline: Click here

July 2020

Theme: Managing Enterprise Data Analytics 

Format: Online Workshop

Date: Friday, July 10

Event Timeline: Click here


Tier 1

Individual Membership


- For industry professionals or external consultants

Tier 2    

Group Membership 


- Up to 3 people from the same company or entity

Tier 3    

Group Membership 


- Up to 5 people from the same company or entity

Membership Includes:

- Attendance to the 2 in-person learning experiences

- Attendance to the online learning event (90 minutes)

- Post event networking reception

- Enterprise Business Readiness Maturity Assessment (1hr. consultation)

- Content Library: Access a portal of practitioner tools and sample deliverables

- 12 month access to private online community

- Customized agenda: Built around your personal challenges